Saturday, December 5, 2009

the brains of the operation

This is the work of guy on the endless sphere forum I was told to look into about a good controller for my bike by another member. He goes by the handle Methods and damn does he do some fine work. By day a mild mannered electronic engineer and by night a soldering iron wielding warrior for the electric revolution. Apparently building a decent controller from scratch rocks, but is seriously tedious and time consuming, so he started taking programable infineon controllers and modding them out and reinforcing the electronics. The result, a high powerful (by ebike standards) and very adaptable full featured controller. Considering his real job, he is practicly building these pro bono and I for one say that I could not be more greatfull. For anyone who thinks they got the skills they can replicate the whole proccess themselves with the help of this forum here


Voltage range: 36V - 100V
Peak Current: >300A
Current Limit: 5A - 120A
Regen Voltage: < style="text-decoration: underline;">Features
Fully Programmable via supplied USB cable
Regenerative Braking
Cruise Control
3 Speed control
Pedal Sense
Cycle Analyst Ready
Power Switch
Power Indicator
Reverse Switch Grip
60 degree or 120 degree compatible

Whats Inside
Genuine IRFB4110 Mosfets
Precision Calibrated 4W shunt
10AWG Teflon coated tinned copper cabling
6AWG equivalent traces
Precision 1% Reference

100% Testing
Cleaned and inspected
Conformal coated
Glued Capacitors
Large Heat Dissipating Case
High Pedal Lockout
Reverse Lockout

90V Regen Mod
100V Power Resistor Mod
3K Base Mod
250uOhm Shunt Mod
50V / 100V Switch Mod
Programming Mod
10AWG Wire Mod
4110 Fet Mod

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