Thursday, August 27, 2009

lets get started

I got tired of waiting for an affordable and stylish two wheeled electric vehicle to come on the market so... I'm gonna make one myself. Right off the bat I was inspired by an instructable I saw where this kid converted a beach cruiser to electric motorcycle here . I'm really impressed with his EV-12, the battery setup and the low slung saddle gives it that classic V-twin look. This thing is really cool and goes about 50mph which seems plenty fast for me being as I live in the city.

I'm not looking to copy that build though, I find the chain noise horrendous and I just cant hang with those heavy, short lived lead acid batteries. I know harley has been using belt drives as well as a few others and chopper builders, though some efficiency would be lost the gain from getting rid of that chain noise would make it worth it. And lets just face it, lithium phosphate batteries are just the best you can get at the consumer level and in the long run will make the initial investment well worth it. I would like to work in some regen braking and a led light setup but thats going to take a bit more technical research. So hopefully with some ingenuity and a couple lucky breaks I can make a comparable EV with not too much more money having to be spent.

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